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A very funny story for children from 6 to 10.
Agatha is six years old. She lives with her parents and granny in a big city. She often catches it and all because of her improbable naughty friend. A nice-looking fairy-tale creature by the name of Trishka likes to play with children and never appears in the presence of grown-ups. One day Agatha decides to demonstrate that she is a very good and obedient girl. Trishka comes to help right away.
Agatha is eager to make everybody happy. She has a new adventure every day. She tries to catch a robber... She saves the mankind from the ecology catastrophe... She becomes a modern abstract artist... She makes business... She invents an automatic door... She gives a surprise to her granny... She makes a fashionable hairdo for her friend... One day much to everybody surprise she becomes a real lady... Trishka is always nearby ready to give a useful advice, but every time everything goes on wrong. Agatha always gets into predicaments and very funny situations.
The grownups can't understand that Agatha wants to be helpful. On their opinion she is naughty beyond measure. One day Agatha quarrels with Trishka and her little friend disappears. Without him the girl changes greatly. Her cheerfulness and buoyancy are gone. Her parents and granny worry about her. It turned out that they loved naughty and joyful Agatha better. They understand that there is no childhood without mischief.
Trisha comes back and Agatha learns the greatest secret. All grownups were mischief makers when they were kids. Everyone who wants to be happy must always remain a child at heart.



Dan is six years old. He is an ordinary boy if it were not for his parents. They are circus actors and he is always on tour with them. Dan dreams of becoming an actor too, but his mother is against it. She wants him to become a lawyer or a bank manager. She plans to leave him with his granny so that he could go to an ordinary school like all other boys and girls. Dan is terribly upset. In order to sooth him his parents make a bet with him. Dan has three month to prepare his circus turn if not he will have to forget about the circus.
Dan set to work with gusto but all his attempts to become an actor do a number came to naught. His juggling resulted in lots of broken plates. His training animals ended up in chasing a runaway pig all around the circus. No one appreciated Dan's activity. One day even the clown was so angry that he meant to punish the naughty kid. In desperate need of a hiding place Dan climbed into the conjurer's box. That was his good luck.
Quite by chance he learned that the magic box could take him any place he wanted to go. More than that, on his return he could understand animal language. So Dan met a mongrel by the name of Bagel and a rat Cracky. His new friends were also eager to become circus actors, so they took him as a trainer. Soon a rabbit by the name of Hat-Trick joined the company. He was an actor already, during the performance the conjurer took him out of the high silk hat. But Hat-Trick thought he deserved a greater role. The last in the troupe was a small kitten, whom Dan saved on the platform railway station. At first neither Bagel nor Cracky approved it. Both thought it was a bad sign to keep cat's company. But the kitten proved to be a friend in need.
The merry company had many fascinating adventures. First they went to America to visit Hat-Trick's family. There they got acquainted with his granny, old Bunny and saved Brother Rabbit from cunning Brother Fox.
Then they went to the cat's country Cat-shire though the trip was not very pleasant for Bagel. After that they were guests of honor at a birthday party of the funny king of mice though it was not very pleasant for the king.
Three months went by quickly. Dan was so busy traveling in the conjurer's box that he hadn't prepared his turn. He was awfully sorry that he lost his bet. But at the last moment he got a lucky chance.
The animal trainer broke his leg just before the performance and the fretful conjurer refused to appear on the circus ring instead of him. The circus director was in panic. The performance was going to be ruined. All the actors were at a loss but Dan.
While the grownups tried to find the way out, he and his friends appeared on the circus ring. They performed many amazing tricks. Of course Dan used the magic of the conjurer's box. Both the audience and the actors were fascinated by the talent of a new circus star. Dan got his first contract right at once. His mother was very proud of him and all were happy.


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